Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask us more if you don’t find your answer here. We don’t bite, we promise.

How do you charge?
We quote every job after we’ve discussed the details of what you need. Some jobs are priced per service, others per hour, and some per month.
Who will I work with? Scott, Deb or Liz?
All of us. Liz coordinates most meetings, workflow & billing; Scott handles most technical, design & web details; & Debbie manages editing, fine-tuning & finishing touches.
Who owns the file rights?
You, you and you…given you’ve paid your final balance. Plus, we backup all of our completed work, so if you ever lose something we can replace it.
Can you provide references?
Absolutely! We have plenty of client’s who would be more than happy to share their experiences with us, with you. Please just give us notice and we’ll get you connected.
What if the service I need isn't listed here?
We have been in this industry for a long time, and have a long list of resources/people at our fingertips that we’d look to work with to get your job completed. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything!
I am not graphic savvy...will this take long?
Not at all. Almost everything we do, we’ve done hundreds of times. Timeframes are more dictated by client responsiveness & decisiveness, than the actual work itself.
Can you teach me how to maintain my site?
We can! We’re happy to train those eager to learn, & are always waiting in the wings to help…
Do you two work after 5? What if I break my site?
We certainly do, but…. SHHHH, we try not to tell anyone. If for some reason an emergency arises though, send us a text & you’ll probably get a callback within an hour!