Who Are We?


We started as family, and then evolved to business owners & operators. Why? Because we actually like working with each other, balance the scales, and want to take on the world one project at a time. Read more below...

About Us

Scott Anderson

Agent of Change

I’ve been writing books since I was in third grade (The Adventures of Captan Cookie), designing t-shirts and publications since 1985, and a professional designer/graphic art/agent of change since 1995.

I’ve spent time in local ad agencies as both a contractor and full-time employee, in the design departments at small companies and large corporations both as a contractor and full-time employee, and worked for at least two local publications. I’ve also spec’d and installed internet connections and networks, written code for both AOL and for real web pages, and been a go-to computer troubleshooter since day one.

Which means I have a very broad-spectrum set of skills and talents—from copywriting and concepting to directing photo shoots, designing ads and also serving as a production artist so the ads come out right. I can design the website, write the code for the website, get you your domain name, set up your hosting, set up and configure email addresses, help you get your blog going… somewhat soup to nuts. If I can’t do it, I can figure it out, and if I can’t figure it out, I’ve got some really smart friends I can go-to for even more brilliant solutions.

I also wear some of the cool shoes, play bass in a jazz trio, and do what I do to take good care of my girls.


Debbie Anderson

Chief Editing Sensei

Writing and editing have been part of my makeup for well over 20 years. I started fine tuning my skills in college with my love of the English language and all that it involves, and found myself years later (after a few fun years as a magical barista) working in the Custom Publishing world. Work evolved, as it does for all of us, and for the past many years, I find myself as the Chief Editing Sensei for Donovan Gilhooley. My husband and sister-in-law, Elizabeth, lean on me for fine-tuning a number of publishing projects, websites and other various jobs that come our way. I am always asked to double check their work, as they are both scatter-brained perfectionists, that know a little quadruple-checking by me goes a very long way. That’s how we make sure to take care of you best!

When I’m not wrangling in Scott or Elizabeth’s crazy, I’m managing the active lives of my two young girls, one a teenager and another a goofy pre-teen. They keep me busy…believe me! Wine anyone?

Elizabeth Frenzel

Mover & Shaker

I’ve done a lot, and been through a lot which has led me to being a business owner. My working life started at 16 in a first-time summer job at Victoria’s Secret, meticulously folding a ridiculous amount of underwear. From there, I moved on to work for the Limited before I was lucky enough to get an internship at Harcourt College Publishers, in downtown Fort Worth. While that was fun, college beckoned, and off I went.

I made some crazy, and life changing decisions while in school; one of which was to work for Kinko’s. There, I discovered my love for all things paper and design, and a path was set in motion, although I didn’t really know it yet. (Silly college kid, you know?!) I stayed in retail a few more years and became a Manager for Verizon Wireless, and then moved on to be a Territory Manager for a local software company, when at that time in life, I decided to become a mom. After my son was born, my Type A nature made me feel the need to “rule the roost” when it came to my career,  so I was given the opportunity to work with Scott, who had already started Donovan Gilhooley, and our working philosophies just clicked. Thus started a new chapter for both of us, that has been wonderful.

We love what we do, and are good at it. We treat people the way we want to be treated, thus our clients often become our friends. We are thankful to those who have gotten us this far, and promise to keep taking care of you for years to come.

Years of

Combined Experience